In response to the demand for pro bono translation services worldwide… © BY FRANÇOISE HERRMANN, PhD

Founded 18 years ago in Paris by Lori Thicke (CEO of Lexcelera) and Ros Smith-Thomas (co-owner of Lexcelera), Traducteurs sans frontières was established as a charitable organization in France. The name Traducteurs sans frontières was selected because the organization’s first client was Médicins sans frontières/Doctors without Borders, the medical disaster-relief NGO (non-governmental organization) that later won the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize. → continue reading


Hosted by the ATA and NCTA, the triennial conference for the International Federation of Translators provided insight and camaraderie for translators and translation companies alike. BY MARILYN LUONG

The world is getting smaller. We as translators (including interpreters and other language professionals) have facilitated this shrinkage. In the beginning of August this year, we have made the world yet a little smaller through gathering at the triennial conference of the International Federation of Translators (FIT). Held in 
San Francisco, the conference was hosted by the American Translators Association (ATA). As the host chapter, NCTA had a well-visited exhibit booth. → continue reading


Focus on the relationships between translation and the tourism industry could prove lucrative for translators and visited countries alike. BY MEHDI ASADZADEH, PhD


Translation Studies approaches the phenomenon of translation from different perspectives. The present paper explores the relationship between translation and the tourism industry as a potential area for Translation Studies. Tourism has evolved in recent years, and allows tourism operators to benefit financially from human interest in exploring the world. Specialized translation services could help tourism operators overcome the language gap, as well as help translators to search out their best place as a part of that industry and get their due financial share of a potentially large emerging market. By presenting some facts and figures, the present paper attempts to stimulate translators to rethink their strategies in a way to foster better cooperation with tourism operators.

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What constitutes a creative act? Is the translation of a work merely interpretation, or is there something more? Translator and author Cristina Vezzaro shares her own creative introspection. BY RAFFAELLA BUSCHIAZZO

NCTA and the Italian Cultural Institute jointly presented Creativity Revealed: from Translation to Writing with Cristina Vezzaro on August 3rd at the Italian Cultural Institute in downtown San Francisco. Cristina Vezzaro shared her explorations of creativity, from translation to writing and back to translation. Her thoughts are the result of examining her personal experience as a literary translator and writer, and of extensive research in related fields. → continue reading


Maya discusses voice care and demonstrates proper techniques for effective voice-over.

A premier voice-over talent provides practical wisdom for enhancing professional opportunities in the voice-over marketplace. BY BRENDAN RILEY

On September 24, 2011, some twenty translators, interpreters, and voice-over talents gathered at the SFSU downtown campus for a lively day-long workshop led by Maya León Meis, entitled Using Your Voice to Make Money.

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The two-part workshop proved worthwhile for participants, who picked up pointers for technical translation and post-editing.

Expert tips on style coupled with a comprehensive review of machine translation post-editing issues prepare attendees for success.  BY ELENA OW-WING

On Saturday, July 30, the Technical Writing for “into English” Translators & The Art and Science of Post-Editing workshop enjoyed a turnout of 20 participants at the SFSU Downtown Campus. The first presentation, on methods and techniques of technical translation, was made by Karen Tkaczyk, a technical translator and editor with a pharmaceutical industry background. The second topic, dealing with attitudes toward machine translation (MT) and MT post-editing issues, was introduced by Mike Dillinger, Vice President of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas and Principal at TOPs Globalization Consulting. → continue reading