SAM at a Glance

By Anne-Charlotte Giovangrandi

A veteran SAMiste shares her experiences at the 2018 Medical English Seminar in Lyon-—will you join her in 2020?

Photo credit: Indelebile photographe.

Photo credit: Indelebile photographe.

Short for Séminaire d’anglais médical, SAM is organized every other year in Lyon, France, by the Société française des traducteurs, the French sister association of the ATA. Presented as a medical English writing and terminology training, it is geared toward translators working in French and English who specialize—or wish to specialize—in medicine. It attracts linguists from all over the world, most coming from France and the UK. This article focuses on the 2018 conference, which was held over five days at the University of Lyon School of Medicine. As registration for the 2020 conference will open early next year, now seems to be a good time to spread the word about it. → continue reading

ATA 60th Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA

ATA60 Palm Springs

The ATA 60th Annual Conference takes place October 23-26, 2019, in Palm Springs, California. Whatever your role in the T&I Industry, ATA60 is the place where dedicated professionals come together to expand their knowledge and their network.

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Leon Dostert, Pioneer of Simultaneous Intepreting at Nuremberg; and More — Translorial Spring 2015 Edition

Translorial Vol 37 No. 1

NCTA members can download the Spring 2015 edition of the Translorial in print and downloadable PDF versions, covering a variety of topics.

If you are not an NCTA member, you can join here.


Table of contents of the Translorial Spring 2015 edition, Vol. 37, No. 1: → continue reading


In the absence of a predetermined agenda, participants create their own event, and a learning experience that continues beyond the conference.


It’s April 27, we are in one of the spacious conference rooms on the premises in San Mateo; breakfast ranges from bagels with cream cheese to slices of fresh fruit and, of course, coffee and tea. It’s 8:30 am, people are arriving for the third annual Localization (l10n) Unconference in Silicon Valley. → continue reading


Our profession was up for interpretation at the 2012 Summit. Is it a matter of education? Certification? Organization? Conversation? Or is it something much, much more?


If someone were to ask you: What makes an interpreter, and what does an interpreter make, how would you answer? Is there such a thing as “the interpreting profession”? We all agree that interpreters work to bridge the language barrier in communication between parties who would otherwise not understand each other. But how interpreters perform this noble task is not the same: some interpret without previous training; others have a masters degree in it. Some are conduits, while others contribute as cultural brokers.  → continue reading


Hosted by the ATA and NCTA, the triennial conference for the International Federation of Translators provided insight and camaraderie for translators and translation companies alike. BY MARILYN LUONG

The world is getting smaller. We as translators (including interpreters and other language professionals) have facilitated this shrinkage. In the beginning of August this year, we have made the world yet a little smaller through gathering at the triennial conference of the International Federation of Translators (FIT). Held in 
San Francisco, the conference was hosted by the American Translators Association (ATA). As the host chapter, NCTA had a well-visited exhibit booth. → continue reading