Monterey Forum 2019

By Fernanda Brandão-Galea and Erin Teske

This year’s Monterey Forum focused on the changing landscape of the language services industry. The authors discuss the overarching themes, giving examples from a variety of presentations and keynote speeches.

Monterey Forum

The final plenary panel at the Monterey Forum featuring (L to R) Graduate School of Translation dean Laura Burian, Translation and Interpretation program chair Julie Johnson, and Translation and Localization Management program chair Max Troyer. Credit: Fernanda Brandão-Galea

Many of the presenters urged us not to limit ourselves to the antiquated idea that “language professional” always refers to a translator or interpreter. → continue reading

Nature is Trying to Kill Us

By Rachel Critelli

Margarita Bekker explained how healthcare interpreters can protect themselves and others from transmissible diseases on the job.

Bekker reminds her audience that even healthy individuals need to guard against infection.

Bekker reminds her audience that even healthy individuals need to guard against infection. Photo Credit: Judit Marin

The NCTA hosted Margarita Bekker for a lively presentation entitled “Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters” as part of its Continuing Education workshop series. Bekker began by telling us if we learned nothing else from her presentation, we should remember this: “Nature is trying to kill us. Wash your hands and vaccinate your children.” With that rousing introduction, we started right in. → continue reading

The Principle of Confidentiality – Do interpreters have the right to remain silent?

By Monica Lange

The Principle of Confidentiality

Members of our panel (L to R): Angie Birchfield, Andrea Hofmann-Miller, Johanna Parker, Robert Finnegan, moderator Olivia Reinshagen-Hernandez, Holly Mikkelson, and NCTA Events Co-Directors Monica Lange and Fernanda Brandão-Galea.

I will never forget my first meetup with the Linguists, Translators and Interpreters from the Bay Area. I had recently moved to California and wanted to connect with colleagues in San Francisco. It was there that I first heard about NCTA. I joined the association a couple of weeks later, and I dare say it was one of the best things I have ever done. I have learned so much and met so many amazing people at NCTA’s General Meetings, workshops, and meetups. Among everything NCTA has to offer, I personally believe the General Meetings are its most generous gift.

For the September General Meeting, NCTA brought together a panel of high-level interpreters: Angie Birchfield, Johanna Parker, Holly Mikkelson, Andrea Hofmann-Miller, Robert Finnegan, and panel moderator Olivia Reinshagen-Hernandez. The topic discussed was a very important one for interpreters and translators: interpreter–client privilege, or our right to remain silent. With the Global Climate Action Summit just a few days away, a crowd was protesting on the streets of San Francisco—and the big names on our panel brought a crowd of our own to the NCTA meeting, including a group of interpreting students from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies who had driven up from Monterey. → continue reading

The Great War, Translating Macron, Looking Back, Thinking Ahead, and More – Translorial 40th Anniversary Edition Spring 2018

40th Anniversary Translorial

NCTA members can now enjoy the latest edition of Translorial in print and downloadable PDF versions, covering a variety of topics. This edition celebrates the 40th anniversary of Translorial, which was established in 1978. You can find the very first edition from May 1978 in the NCTA archive (members only). Publicly accessible articles from 1978 can be found here.

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Table of contents of the 40th Anniversary Translorial Spring 2018 edition, Vol. 40, No. 1: → continue reading

Enhancing Short-Term Memory for Accurate Intepreting, and More — Translorial Fall 2014 Edition

Translorial Vol 36 No. 2

NCTA members can download the Fall 2014 edition of the Translorial in print and downloadable PDF versions, covering a variety of topics.

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Table of contents of the Translorial Fall 2014 edition, Vol. 36, No. 2: → continue reading


Jeromobot, the patron saint of the modern translator.

Jeromobot, the patron saint of the modern translator.

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Social investments
Some time back at a conference in London, a fellow translator shared with me and everyone else in earshot that she was done using Twitter as a professional tool. She claimed to have invested way too much effort and time with virtually no return. I’ve been thinking about this ever since, wondering how much I’ve benefited from my investments into social media; to make it short: I have benefited and continue to benefit. A lot. → continue reading