Latest East Bay lunch social at Cha Am, a Thai restaurant.

Latest East Bay lunch social at Cha Am, a Thai restaurant.

The NCTA East Bay lunch social is a nice event because it breaks up the work week. On October 7, we met at Cha Am, a Thai restaurant. Every lunch is an exchange of experiences. I’m always pleasantly surprised at who I meet, whether it’s new members, potential members, or long-term members. We share our perspectives of current day-to-day life and work, and exchange information about everything from client relations to vacation ideas. Why sit alone behind a computer, missing the communication you would get from working in an office when all you have to do is step out your door and come to one of our lunches? The NCTA lunch helps those of us who get tired of solitary work to feel that they are not alone. Everyone who attends benefits from the exchange of ideas. No matter what kind of day it is, rain or shine, you feel like you’ve had a complete day. We have discussions on new marketing ideas, training, self-study and self promotion in a non-formal, fun atmosphere.
So far, we have tried the cuisines of Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Northern China, and the Middle East. The food is good, not too expensive, and the restaurants offer pleasant service. You get to immerse yourself in another culture’s cuisine, while talking to great people. It creates an atmosphere for good company and a nice, relaxing, beneficial time.
When I joined the NCTA in 2005, I wasn’t sure what to focus on or how to build the important skills that I now use in my translation work. Over time and a number of lunches, I have learned about things such as medical, scientific and legal translation as well as conference interpreting.
I even managed to persuade my husband, Matthias Steiert, to join and after 2 years he found his own passion for translation. Now, I have a business and my own clients, which, in the past, seemed like a distant dream.
Come join us at the NCTA lunch. All you have to do is get together with us for a short time in the middle of the day once every other month. I hope to see you at the next lunch. After all, everyone needs a lunch break, right? AS

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