Translorial is a journal sent to all members of the Northern California chapter of the American Translators Association, the Northern California Translators Association, and made available in PDF format from a Members Only page to its members. You can join NCTA through the registration process on the association’s website.

The printed and paperless versions of Translorial include articles with news about NCTA events and activities as well as articles about the interpretation and translation profession in general. Translorial.com, this site, serves as a public archive of Translorial editions until 2014 as well as tables of contents and featured stories for newer and current Translorial editions.

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  1. Angelo Pugliese says —

    Thank you for making available such a valuable resource!

  2. Francoise Herrmann says —

    Where, oh where is the Janaury 2012 issue of the Translorial? Reward available for an answer!

  3. mimi says —

    There was a delay in posting the January articles because of a change in volunteers. The lead article Translating for Humanity has been posted.

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