The Translorial Tool Kit

    By Jost Zetzsche © 2005 International Writers’ Group, compiled by Yves Avérous The Tool Kit is an online newsletter that comes to its subscribers’ mailboxes bimonthly. In Translorial, we are offering you a quarterly digest of Jost’s most helpful tips…

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    Reference, Translation

    Beginning Translator’s Survival Kit

    by Susana Greiss and George Fletcher Review by Sharlee Merner Bradley All translators will enjoy and can benefit from this timely contribution to the profession. The 100-plus pages of the Beginning Translator’s Survival Kit are divided into two parts, each…

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    Business, Perspective

    The Taboo of Rate Discussion

    By Chantal Wilford Every so often, someone asks about translation rates in NCTA’s online discussion group and, predictably, the debate about whether or not we are permitted to discuss rates in public resumes. This debate is healthy, and, more than…

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