Extra Services Presented at General Meeting

By Naomi Baer

Guest speakers at the February General Meeting included Anna Realini, Membership Director of Media Alliance, and Ed Elkin, the insurance broker handling Media Alliance’s group health insurance plan and other insurance options for the self-employed. In their presentation, Ms. Realini described Media Alliance’s work, including the services it offers as an association for media writers, with classes, job listings, and community events, as well as the health insurance plan it makes available to freelance workers.

Ms. Realini also touched briefly on the other half of Media Alliance’s work as an advocacy organization, with campaigns concerning democracy and diversity in the media system, as well as advocating for community media. She outlined the process for becoming a Media Alliance Professional Member, which offers a discounted rate for NCTA members. Ed Elkin presented By Naomi Baer general information about both disability and health insurance, and also discussed the new types of Health Savings Accounts that have been offered since 2004. Informational packets were provided, but more detailed information is also offered at monthly meetings at both Media Alliance’s office in Oakland and Ed Elkin’s office in Orinda. San Francisco meetings may also be scheduled in the future.

Ed Elkin, Media Alliance’s insurance broker, (925) 254-3864,
Anna Realini, Media Alliance Membership Director, (510) 832-9000 x302,
For the next scheduled information sessions (monthly), contact Ed Elkin, or see