Hell Freezing Over and Over Again

By Yves Avérous

Apple claimed that Hell had frozen over when they released iTunes for Windows. Well, it must be pretty cold down there since the fruit-branded computer maker recently released its free BootCamp application ( that allows one to easily install Windows in parallel to Mac OS X on the new Intel-based Macs. This is great if you like the feeling of having two machines and don’t mind shutting down and rebooting to switch from one to another. Personally, I prefer the “virtualization” solution, keeping my Windows in a box inside Mac OS X. Virtual PC was slow on the G4/G5 machines and has not been updated for the Intel ones, but Parallels ( has just ported its $40 Workstations solution to the Mac to add all sorts of Intel-based OSs within your Mac–not just Windows XP SP2, like BootCamp. And as noted in a recent TransMUG meeting, there is still the possibility of working on an old PC within your Mac with the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client ( )-it works with a simple network connection between the two computers. No more “My-client-wants-meto-use-a Windows-translation-tool” excuse to prevent you from enjoying a great Mac anymore! Come discuss about this and many other Mac issues at the next TransMUG meeting, May 13. More details online at