mac planet: Of Invoicing, Backup & IM…

By Yves Avérous

Contacting support can bring you some perks: The good people of MarketCirde had me on their mailing iist and invited me recently to participate in the private beta testing of the new version of their freelancer invoicing solutions, Billings. This is in preparation for a long overdue upgrade of the promising version 1.1 that I had been using for over a year. I wasn’t disappointed. Not only is the new Billings a beautiful Mac app but it also adds new and welcome flexibility. You may want to check it out at and download a trial version… With the New Year creeping up on us, it’s a good time to review our methods and make new resolutions. A good one would be to improve our current backup solution, find a better one, or just… do it. Where do you find yourself? I personally use SuperDuper to make a mirror disk of my machine, but I still don’t have a real off-site solution besides the core data saved on .Mac. I invite you to discuss, and/or ask questions on the matter on thr TransMUG list at You can also write an article on the subject for the TransMUG blog. It’s funny how, in spite of many of us being on the Internet most of the time, IM hasn’t found more use. My three IM clients (Skype, Adium [for MSN and Yahoo!], and iChat) are open all the time on my machine; hidden, but open. And let me tell you, I’m not that bothered! It’s a shame. It’s a great tool, complementary to email when you need very short, quick answers. Let’s discuss all that and more online or at a future TransMUG meeting.