O’Reilly Offers Discounts and Review Books

As a general arrangement with Mac User Groups—extended here to the entire NCTA membership— O’Reilly, a Bay Area publisher or technology books, is offering a 20% discount on O’Reilly, No Starch, Paraglyph, Pragmatic Bookshelf, and Syngress books and O’Reilly conferences. You need only use code DSUG. You can find all their titles at Another benefit for you, is the availability of review books: find a book relevant to our profession that you would like to discover and critique among their new and upcoming titles at Contact Yves Avérous at, and allow at least four weeks for shipping. Below are two titles that you might find interesting. O’Reilly has a web page for tips and suggestions on writing book reviews at Your review will be published on the TransMUG and/or NCTA Members lists. Writer—This handy reference to using Writer, the word processor that comes with, is the open source alternative to Microsoft Word. You’ll learn how to write, edit, and review documents; use templates and styles effectively; control page layout; insert, edit, and create graphics; and much more—even how to make a smooth transition from Word. With the complete office suite included on a CD, this book makes using Writer an easy decision. Chapter 2, “Writing, Editing, and Reviewing Documents,” is available online:

The Spam Letters—From the man behind comes a collection of brilliant and entertaining correspondence with the people who send out mass junk emailings (a.k.a. spam). Compiled from the nearly 200 entries written by Jonathan Land, “The Spam Letters” taunts, prods, and parodies the faceless salespeople in your inbox, giving you a chuckle at their expense. If you hate spam, you’ll love “The Spam Letters.”

News & Tips from O’Reilly

PDF Hacks author Sid Steward posted a reduced-size file of The 9/11 Commission Report, with added bookmarks, and front-page HTML portal within hours of the report’s release. His upcoming book will reveal his many tricks.

21.5 Things You Can Do with Office 2004—Rather than covering all the new features of the software suite, Giles Turnbull shows you 21 and a half things you didn’t know your could do in Office.