February General Meeting

By Naomi Baer

February’s General Meeting was a chance for many old and new NCTA members to come together, as elections were held, honorary awards were issued, and outgoing NCTA President Michael Metzger was recognized. After Barbara Guggemos’ Treasurer Report and announcements about upcoming workshops, Steve Goldstein let the attendees in on what would be coming up in the next few issues of Translorial. Yves Avérous announced that PDF files of past issues are now available online, including active links to resources mentioned in the issues.

Many, many NCTA members have contributed to the organization’s work this year, and four were recognized with honorary memberships for the year: Hannelore McCrumb, for her invaluable help with the phone lines and voice mail; Steve Goldstein, as the original editor of Translorial who returned this year to edit a revamped journal; Michael Schubert, for his ongoing work as NCTA listmaster; and Ginger Wei, for her role as ad manager. Several additional volunteers were recognized and thanked: Nina Friedman, for her work in co-creating the Wordfast workshop and for offering administrative help; Brigitte Keen, for coordinating NCTA’s participation in public television pledge drives; and Alison Anderson, Sharlee Merner Bradley, and Anne Milano Appel for their assistance with Translorial proofreading.

Election results were announced, with Tuomas Kostiainen elected as President, with 130 votes, Yves Avérous elected as Vice President, with 129 votes, Laura Blijleven Bergmans re-elected as a Director, with 124 votes, Raffaella Buschiazzo elected as a Director with 123 votes, and Martin Hoffman elected as a Director with 129 votes. Tuomas Kostiainen thanked outgoing President Michael Metzger for his many years of service to the organization, and read the letter written by NCTA member Andrea Bindereif, describing the numerous projects he has done over the years with the NCTA. Michael’s wife, Chikako Nakandakari, was also thanked for her gracious support of Michael’s many hours spent on NCTA work.