Filling Up the Shelf

Kudos to Alison Dent for having started posting articles to the site. I met with Alison at the ATA Seminar/NCTA General Meeting in South San Francisco last weekend and showed her the (few) ropes. The May report on the Macros Workshop is Alison’s first post. We will be moving backward, as our material allows, to fill this weblog/article database progressively.

During that same meeting, I have ran the leading template choices that the Translorial team and the Board of Directors had examined by the available contributors, directors, and officers at hand, and you have now the result of this beauty contest in front of your eyes. I have started tweaking the look of it a bit and will continue as time allows and tech savviness grows.

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[Update] In our enthousiasm, we started posting articles from the current issue. Based on our member survey last spring, it was decided to keep the current issue “member-only.” You can find the September issue of Translorial on the NCTA website, following the Translorial Archive link, and on the resulting page, the Downloads link. You have to be an NCTA member or register as a Translorial reader” (free membership) in order to download your PDF version of the journal. May articles will be coming soon. 🙂