NCTA Online

We have our own domain on the Web. Check out NCTA’s home page at

There you will find information about our organization, a selection of past articles from Translorial, and other helpful information.

From our home page there is a link to The Translator’s Home Companion, or you can go directly to

As a benefit of membership, NCTA maintains three free mailing lists:, for general-interest discussions and exchanges of information;, for francophones and those interested in the French language;, for Spanish-speakers and those interested in the Spanish language.

These lists are available only to NCTA members and will not accept messages from non-subscribers. For further information, visit the NCTA Web site at For a free subscription to any of these lists, e-mail a request to

If you are a subscriber and have not recently received any list mail, write to the listmaster and complain.

Listmaster Mike