What is the NCTA Referral Service?

By Juliet Viola, NCTA Administrator

Simply put, it is a marketing tool for both individual and corporate/institutional NCTA members. The “Translator & Interpreter Referral Service of the NCTA” is found in the San Francisco Yellow Pages, on numerous websites, and by word of mouth. Seekers of translators and interpreters either call the NCTA office (510-845-8712) or check our online referral service.

• If contacted by telephone, I answer the NCTA telephone line and assist with referrals. I either give instructions on how to use our online database, or I give at least three names and numbers for translators/interpreters in our database that would suit the caller’s parameters (i.e., language pair, subject area, location, translator or interpreter, etc.). I generally use the online database to give referrals, but also refer to our actual NCTA database. By the way, the online listings are searchable by keyword, and randomized so that the order is different each time (e.g., no preference is given to those with surnames at the beginning of the alphabet).

• If queried on the website, our online referral service is available 24/7, located at “Click here to find a translator or interpreter.” Information is organized by language pair and by subject area. The online data is updated once per month.

If a caller to the referral service has a multi-language project or is inexperienced with hiring interpreters for a conference (for example), I will usually refer the caller to NCTA corporate members. These are listed separately on the NCTA website: “Click here to find a translation agency.”

If you are an individual member of the NCTA and aren’t already participating in the referral service, I’ll be glad to send you the application form or answer your questions about our “professional listings” (as they have traditionally been called). Please e-mail me any changes to your information; I continuously update the NCTA database.

Editing your info

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