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Domestic and Overseas Vietnamese and More – Translorial Spring 2020 Edition

Translorial Spring 2020 Cover page

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Selected articles from Translorial Spring, Vol. 42, No. 1:


  • Vietnamese in Vietnam and the Diaspora , by Lan Hoang Bao
    Differences between Vietnamese as used in Vietnam and in the diaspora pose significant issues for the translator.
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  • To LLC or Not to LLC? by Carola F. Berger
    A long-time solopreneur describes the process of converting her sole proprietorship into an LLC.
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  • Special Topics: Sharlee Bradley Retires at Age 90, by Mimi Wessling
    Translation and interpreting make for an exciting life story. See also the interview of Sharlee Bradley by Miriam Mustain (online).
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  • Reviews: Continuing Education
    An Introduction to the World of Wine for Translators (Mark Leach), reviewed by Niels Nielsen
    How to Start your Translator and Interpreter Career (Judit Marin, Michael Schubert), reviewed by Benjamin Henry
    Business Tips and Planning for a Successful 2020 (Anne-Charlotte Giovangrandi, Judit
    , reviewed by Sonia Wichmann
    Subtitling 101 and How to Provide Better Subtitles (Ana Salotti), reviewed by María Milagros Antonini, PhD, and Juan Pino-Silva, PhD
    Interpreting for Pediatric Genetics (Johanna Parker, Judit Marin), reviewed by Carmen L. Gonzalez
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  • Reviews: General Meetings
    NCTA Brings a Taste of the ATA Conference (Romina Marazzato Sparano, Tuomas Kostiainen, Judit Marin), reviewed by Julie Anderson → Read more (members only).
    Let’s Talk About AB5 (Lorena Ortiz Schneider, Shamus Sayed), reviewed by Carola F. Berger
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