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Enhancing Short-Term Memory for Accurate Intepreting, and More — Translorial Fall 2014 Edition

Translorial Vol 36 No. 2

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Table of contents of the Translorial Fall 2014 edition, Vol. 36, No. 2:

  • What is in a corpus? by Scott Ellsworth
    A corpus can be a great tool for translators, as one NCTA member found after attending the NCTA-hosted webinar on the creation and use of language corpora.
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  • Medical interpreter certification, by Sean Dodd
    Medical interpreters who wish to be certified have a choice between programs, but they’re not all the same. Carlos Garcia presented the pros and cons of each.
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  • Delving into the mysteries of L10n, I18n and G11n, by Timothy Cassidy
    Just what is localization? Jose Palomares unraveled the mysteries of this market in flux for NCTA members attending his August seminar.
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  • Do you have a minute? by Sean Dodd
    NCTA’s general meeting on May 10, 2014, featured an excellent presentation by Dagmar Dolatschko, founder and president of Peritus Language Services, on the importance of first impressions.
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  • Communication without borders, by Donald Couch
    Localization expert Kat Momoi reflects on the incept and trajectory of localization, and the events that inspired his involvement.
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  • Enhancing short-term memory for accurate interpreting, by Roda P. Roberts
    Short-term memory is essential for successful interpreting, and routine practice of a few simple exercises can greatly improve memory function.
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  • The Translorial tool box, by Jost Zetzsche, compiled by Yves Avérous
    The Tool Box Journal is an online newsletter that comes to its subscribers’ mailboxes twice a month. In Translorial, we offer a quarterly digest of Jost’s most helpful tips from the past season.
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  • Prepping for Sp<>En certification, report by Juan Pino-Silva, PhD and María Milagros Antonini, PhD
    Translators preparing for the Spanish<>English ATA certification exam got the
    inside scoop at an NCTA workshop held by Sean Dodd.
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