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Hazards in Translating Bits and Bytes, Scams, Cloning Clooney, and More — Translorial Spring 2017 Edition

Translorial Spring 2017 Vol 39, Nr. 1

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Table of contents of the Translorial Spring 2017 edition, Vol. 39, No. 1:

  • Professional interactions in the digital age, by Mimi Wessling
    Email, its convenience and its hazards.
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  • Cautionary tales for interpreters and translators — an overview of scams targeting the language industry, by Peg Flynn and Carola F. Berger
    The Nigerian check scam has been around for a long time but still snares the unwary. Another way that translators get scammed involves translator impersonation. The article includes tips to protect your identity and your business as well as information on what to do if you are being scammed.
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  • Cloning Clooney, by Mimi Wessling
    Director Paul Mariano and producer Kurt Norton presented their documentary film Being George Clooney in person at the February 11th General Meeting. The film pulled us into a world most of us hadn’t thought about very deeply: one related to translation but particularly related to interpretation —voice acting (often referred to as dubbing).
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  • A day full of learning Memo-Q — reviews by Kaj Rekola and Paul Denlinger
    A special workshop was held at Golden Gate University, San Francisco on October 1, 2016 for NCTA members who wanted to learn more about memoQ, a computer-assisted translation (CAT) application developed by Kilgray Translation Technologies.
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  • Literary translation — beyond words and sentences, communicating the world view of an artist, by Alexantra Connell
    The Introduction to Literary Translation workshop on Mar. 4, 2017 was guided by Katrina Dodson, translator of The Complete Stories by Clarice Lispector (New Directions, 2015) and other works from Portuguese to English.
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  • The hazard in translating bits n bytes, by Scott Ellsworth
    I once translated a description and instructions for a computer game — the game was based on a post-apocalyptic scenario that involved fighting various kinds of radiation-mutated monsters.
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