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Monterey Forum 2019 and More – Translorial Fall 2019 Edition

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Selected articles from Translorial Fall 2019, Vol. 41, No. 2:


  • Monterey Forum 2019, by Fernanda Brandão-Galea and Erin Teske
    This year’s Monterey Forum focused on the changing landscape of the language services industry. The authors discuss the overarching themes, giving examples from a variety of presentations and keynote speeches.
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  • What is Literary Translation? by Dick Cluster
    An impersonation, a beautiful stranger, a meeting of metaphors…? A veteran literary translator draws upon examples from his own work to consider several ways of looking at this elusive art.
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  • Other-Than-Spanish Court Interpreting, by Hany Farag
    An enduring career in court interpreting in languages other than Spanish demands
    special attention to challenges.
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  • Special Topics: SAM at a Glance, by Anne-Charlotte Giovangrandi
    A veteran SAMiste shares her experiences at the 2018 Medical English Seminar in Lyon—will you join her in 2020?
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  • Reviews: Continuing Education
    Literary Translation (Dick Cluster), reviewed by Thilo Ullmann-Zahn
    Depositions and the Court Interpreter (Ines Swaney), reviewed by Judit Marin
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    Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters (Margarita Bekker), reviewed by Rachel Critelli → Read more now!
  • Reviews: General Meetings
    Language Industry Visibility (Jeannette Stewart), reviewed by Gabrielle Dahms → Read more now!
    Changing the Conversation on Pricing (Michael Schubert), reviewed by Ana Salotti
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  • Back Cover: The Cayman Islands Create a Linguistic Puzzle, by Jonathan Goldberg
    The impressions of an interpreter on assignment in a safe haven for turtles and investors.

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