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The Great War, Translating Macron, Looking Back, Thinking Ahead, and More – Translorial 40th Anniversary Edition Spring 2018

40th Anniversary Translorial

NCTA members can now enjoy the latest edition of Translorial in print and downloadable PDF versions, covering a variety of topics. This edition celebrates the 40th anniversary of Translorial, which was established in 1978. You can find the very first edition from May 1978 in the NCTA archive (members only). Publicly accessible articles from 1978 can be found here.

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Table of contents of the 40th Anniversary Translorial Spring 2018 edition, Vol. 40, No. 1:

  • Looking back, thinking ahead…, by Mimi Wessling
    One of the advantages of being an NCTA member is the introduction to new ideas and new sources of information that the General Meetings provide.
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  • Meetups – Learning and socializing, by Fernanda Brandão-Galea
    An update on the growth of the Meetup group and a look back on the activities of the past six months. Our Meetup group is a great avenue for networking, sharing ideas, and perhaps connecting with your next project lead. We welcome your suggestions of topics and locations for meetups.
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  • Translating Macron, by Jessica Levine
    An interview with Jonathan Goldberg, co-translator of Emmanuel Macron’s Revolution, in which the youngest president in the history of France lays out his vision for the future of his country.
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  • The Great War, an alternative perspective: Review of the February 2018 General Meeting, by Thilo Ullmann
    NCTA joined the commemoration of the centennial of World War I by inviting Professor John Anzalone, of Skidmore College, to talk about a translation of a rare war memoir that he completed in 2016.
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  • Insights from a career conference interpreter, by Rachel Garcia Brewer
    For four hours on Saturday afternoon, March 10, Jacki Noh engaged two dozen participants at Golden Gate University in San Francisco in a very interactive class. Any passive participant was drawn in, not only by the interesting nature of the presentation but also by being asked to read from the overhead screen at unexpected times.
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  • Getting started in subtitling, by Pamela Gilbert-Snyder
    On November 4, 2017, roughly 30 people attended a workshop on subtitling organized by the NCTA at Golden Gate University and led by Gabriel Dubois of GMD Linguistics. Mr. Dubois began with a brief history of subtitles, which started out as “inter-titles” for silent movies and all but disappeared with the advent of the first “talkies” in the 1920s, reappearing as closed captions on the BBC television network in 1938.
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  • Getting acquainted with Trados, by Peter Nygaard
    Tuomas Kostiainen is a certified instructor of Trados Studio; he is extremely knowledgeable. His workshop entitled “Trados Studio 2017 for Beginners” held on Saturday, September 30 at Golden Gate University in San Francisco was definitely the source of a competent approach to the program.
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  • Review of Jost Zetzsche’s Translation Matters, by Mimi Wessling
    As a historian of science and medicine, I’ve been translating for a long time, but it’s only in the past few years that I really thought I had become a translator. Reading Jost Zetzsche’s recently published Translation Matters, I’ve learned that I have a long way to go.
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  • The other life of translators, by Hany Farag
    Professionals in any field of work share common traits associated with the training and nature of business in their particular profession. However, there are always individuals whose talents and skills extend beyond their core professional life into an “other life.”
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  • Memories of Edith Fried, by Sylvia Korwek
    Translator, educator, master gardener, and wonderful all-around human being: Edith Fried was to many of us an invaluable mentor and friend.
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