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The Translator as a Sturdy Bridge, and More — the Translorial Fall 2017 Edition

Translorial Volume 39 no. 2

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Table of contents of the Translorial Fall 2017 edition, Vol. 39, No. 2:

  • The Translator as a sturdy bridge, by Mimi Wessling
    A wake-up call to translators arrived with the May issue of The Economist, a magazine respected for its coverage of international, economic, and technological issues. One of the lead articles announced the bad news that many translators can verify through recent experience: relentless price pressure pushing our incomes downward. The alleged driving force is machine translation, especially as deep neural networks have improved the accuracy of CAT results.
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  • Quality-control for translators, by Monique Longton
    Overview and detailed methodology of 7 must-do quality control steps for success as a translator.
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  • The value of community, by Audrey Pouligny and Fernanda Brandão-Galea
    Meetups in 3 flavors: language, professionalism, fun together.
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  • Qismat Amin, Afghan interpreter for the US Army by Jessica Levine
    Qismat Amin relates his life as an Afghan interpreter, and later as a translator of intelligence reports for the US.
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  • Preparation for the ATA Certification exam, by Rebecca J. Verhoek
    An inquisitive crowd gathered at Golden Gate University in San Francisco on April 29, 2017 to become familiar with the American Translators Association certification exam. The attending members of the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) welcomed Sean Dodd as workshop coach.
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  • Review of the September 2017 GM, by Michael Schubert:
    Bringing a Lost Opera Back to Life through Translation by Joe McClinton

    Joe’s presentation focused on his work translating the Italian libretto of La Circe, an opera with music composed (presumably) by Pietro Andrea Ziani in 1665 to a libretto by Cristoforo Ivanovich and premiered that year in Venice.
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  • Cyril Flerov’s strategies in simultaneous interpreting, by Thilo Ullman
    Challenges of a necessary skill.
    What does a conference interpreter do? As Mr. Flerov puts it, s/he will “solve a text.” Faced with a stream of language emanating from a speaker, the interpreter will, “like a snake charmer”, render and evoke the meaning, almost in real time, to an audience hooked to their earpieces.
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  • Demystifying sight translation in the healthcare setting: workshop review by Monica Lange
    Margarita Bekker demystified not only sight translation in the healthcare setting, but healthcare interpreting as a whole.
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