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Transcreation in the Luxury Sector and More – Translorial Spring 2019 Edition

Translorial Spring 2019

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Selected articles from Translorial Spring 2019, Vol. 41, No. 1:

  • Creative approaches to luxury sector translation: A conversation with Mark Leach, by Julia Nelsen
    Translators working in the luxury sector must produce texts as meticulously crafted as the products they describe. In conversation with Julia Nelsen, Mark Leach provides insight into his process.
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  • Rhyming songs in subtitling? by Ariana V. Loker; translated from the Spanish by Ana Salotti
    How important is it to preserve rhyme when subtitling songs? Ariana V. Loker argues that it is not only unnecessary but potentially detrimental to the translation.
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  • The many faces of a literary translator, by Claire-Marie Clévy
    It’s clear that literary translation requires a special kind of creativity, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Claire-Marie Clévy reflects on the many jobs she takes on in the course of a project.
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  • Reviews: Continuing Education
    A journey from translation to localization reviewed by Mark Leach
    The website localization ecosystem reviewed by Mark Leach
    Tips and tricks for freelance conference interpreters reviewed by Thilo Ullmann-Zahn
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  • Reviews: General Meetings
    A journey of 10,000 miles reviewed by Gabrielle Dahms
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    Plain language 2.0 for translation reviewed by Eva H. Vargas
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