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Translation Scams Reloaded and More – Translorial Fall 2018 Edition

Translorial Fall 2018 Edition

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Selected articles from Translorial Fall 2018, Vol. 40, No. 2:

  • Keeping it real, by by Michael Schubert
    We live in interesting times, and our NCTA Board of Directors always seeks to find interesting and, above all, relevant topics for the presentations and workshops we organize.
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  • Unity in diversity, by Mimi Wessling
    The contributors to this issue cover the spectrum of what we can offer to our members, and that’s the strength of belonging to an organization like NCTA. In each issue, we try to present material from experts who supply needed assistance with the diverse challenges that we translators and interpreters confront.
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  • Summer socializing and reading between two worlds, by Fernanda Brandão-Galea
    From May to September this year we had two NCTA General Meetings, started a bilingual book club, and enjoyed other social events. If you have not already done so, please join our Meetup group. It is a great avenue for networking, sharing ideas, and perhaps connecting with your next project lead. We welcome your suggestions of topics and locations for meetups.
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  • Translation scams reloaded, by Carola F. Berger, PhD, CT
    Scams are on the rise in online commerce. Learn about the three most common types of fraudulent schemes in the language industry, along with steps you should take to protect yourself against them.
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  • Where are the subtitles? by Fernanda Brandão-Galea
    Translators who usually specialize in other niches sense a big opportunity in subtitling and have acquired newfound interest in translating audiovisual content. These newcomers should not underestimate the learning curve they will face.
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  • Moving on, looking back: A brief personal history in translation, by Margaret Jean Flynn, PhD
    For the past twenty years, I’ve had the good fortune to work as a French to English translator, with projects ranging from patents to literary criticism. Earlier this year, I decided to (gradually) retire, a prospect prompting both a look back and an anticipation of what may lie ahead. Here’s my story, along with a few thoughts on concluding my years in translation.
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  • Protecting interpreters and their clients: An introduction to the Interpreters Guild of America, by Johanna Valle Sobalvarro
    The Interpreters Guild of America (IGA) was created to protect the rights of interpreters, who bear tremendous responsibilities and are vulnerable to a number of professional challenges.
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